The need for fresh water in third world countries has laid heavy on my heart for the last five years. First with the mission trip to Caboneras and then when our Rotary Club supported a well for an orphanage in India. While doing research for a presentation to our club I began to realize how many children are effected in this disaster. One-third of our population suffers from lack of clean water. Children under the age of 5 are the hardest hit as their immune system has not fully developed and cannot fight the bacteria in the water they have available. EVERY 21 SECONDS a child dies due to lack of clean water or disease. Girls are especially victims of this crisis.  Sometimes walking for days to the nearest available water source.  The time spent acquiring fresh water takes away from the ability to attend school.

While this may seem a distant problem the  truth is wars will be fought over this crisis. If we think oil is something countries are willing to go to war for wait until lack of water becomes an issue for more affluent people.

Water is something no leaving creature can do without. Drought has been the main problem in Africa, Haiti and India. Can you imagine how your family would live without water? A sad fact is Americans use 361 times more water than an Ethiopian.

God has placed this on my heart. He is what drives me to keep going with One World Foundation. The best I can describe is like having a splinter under my fingernail that continues to be there until I do the work I am supposed to do.

With the support of so many friends, coworkers and family we can make a difference. If not for us. then for our children and grandchildren. I know I will do my part. So if you see me coming be ready to get involved. One World Foundation will survive me and will complete many projects worldwide. OK I said it. I have put this out into the universe so we have to make it happen!

Sherry Stockwell-Tarrer
Founder of One World Foundation

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