Kenbe Fem Development Project Update

One World Foundation is committed to providing a water system to the facility. The first building is on schedule to for completion by the first week of June 2014. At that time, the Kenbe Fem family will move in. This first building is smaller and will serve as a temporary home while a larger, permanent home is built. When the larger home is complete, this smaller home will serve as a team house for volunteers while a permanent team house is constructed. After a permanent team house is complete, the first home will become a transitional home for the older kids who are transitioning out of the children’s home, going to college or trade school.

It’s not just a building project! This long-term construction project has provided jobs for 40 Haitians so far, working alongside volunteers. As funds are raised and the land is developed to its full potential to serve the community, it will provide jobs for a number of years. It has also been great to have the children of Kenbe Fem working on the land and taking ownership in their new home!


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