Kenbe Fem Project

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty.Three-quarters of the population lives on $2 or less per day.
There is a chronic shortage of health care personnel, and hospitals lack resources, a situation that became readily apparent after the January 2010 earthquake.
Haiti counts 15,200 primary schools, of which 90% are non-public and managed by communities, religious organizations or NGOs.The enrollment rate for primary school is 67%, and fewer than 30% reach 6th grade. Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children. Charity organizations, build schools for children and providing necessary school supplies. Haiti’s literacy rate is 52.9%. The January 2010 earthquake was a major setback for education reform in Haiti as it diverted limited resources to survival. Literacy levels remain near 50%. Haiti is one of the lowest-ranked countries in the world, 177th out of 186, for national spending on education.
BWBT and Kenbe Fem
Kenbe Fem is a children’s home in Jacmel, Haiti. The home cares for 25 children, who were rescued from situations of severe neglect and/or abuse. At Kenbe Fem, the children are cared for and loved by Haitian house parents Jules & Anise Frantzo. The children receive three nutritious meals per day, medical care, clothing, and the best education available in Jacmel. A very important part of life at Kenbe Fem is that the children learn to speak English. This is very helpful to their future as adults trying to earn a living wage in Haiti.
Kenbe Fem was started by missionaries Danny & Leann Pye, who lived in Haiti for ten years and grew the home into an excellent safe haven for children. The couple recently returned to the United States and are currently living in Texas with their two biological children. Builders Without Borders of Texas has taken the responsibility of overseeing Kenbe Fem. Kenbe Fem has become a DBA of our organization. The day-to-day operations are taken care of by the house parents in Haiti.
Bring a Team
BWBT will be developing the Kenbe Fem land in Haiti. The first step will be to build a new home for the children. The home will be built in Raymond. The land in Raymond where the home will be built is owned by Kenbe Fem. This will eliminate the large amount of rent that Kenbe Fem pays for a home each year. Second will be to build a team house for volunteers to stay. Third will be two develop remaining parts of the land to serve the community of Raymond with a school, clinic, church, and businesses that will provide jobs for the local Haitians.
One World Foundation Project
One World Foundation has committed to funding the much needed water well.  If you would like to donate to the water well you can do that here.
For  more detailed information: KBF Water Van Project_Pearland Rotary (1)

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